Old man thinks his new Fargo bar will take over as the Bison party palace, doesn’t realize it doesn’t work like that

You have to be real drunk or real stupid but most likely both to go on record and declare your new bar that hasn’t even opened “Bison Central” That’s not how it works. The green and yellow carousers determine what bar is the home of the Bison. A manager, a waitress, a bartender, a bar owner cannot just decided that their bar is going to become the home of North Dakota State drunks. You let the bar do the talking.

FARGO, N.D. — Mike Clevenger, known to many as Clevy, is operating the new O’Clevy’s Drinks & Eats after developing a business relationship with the owners of the Ramada by Wyndham, at 3333 13th Ave. S., in Fargo, where the bar is located.


Clevenger, the former owner of O’Kelly’s in Fargo, has 12 years of experience in the hospitality industry, and he said many of his friends and customers from those years have found him at O’Clevy’s, which opened recently in the Ramada.


“It feels so good to be back in the hospitality business. I sincerely missed my old customers and friends,” said Clevenger, adding the business will likely have a grand opening near the end of the month.


Clevenger described the bar, which features beer and spirits as well as a full menu, as “Bison Central,” with the North Dakota State University Bison a prominent facet of the business decor.


“You’re going to see a lot of Bison stuff on the walls,” he said.

“In the early fall it’s going to be a lot of fun watching Bison football here,” he said.

I think the thing that irks me the most is that the bar hasn’t even opened and the owner is basically saying he’s taking down the three most Bison bars in Fargo (The Turf, Chubbs and Herd and Horns). No one knows what the inside of his place looks like other than the pictures and there’s one Bison logo on the wall.

This man has worked in the bar industry for 12 years and clearly too many jag bombs have been injected into his blood stream because no one with even a pea sized brain just goes out and says that their bar will be where the Bison flock. Everyone knows The Turf and Chubbs is where you go to watch a Bison game. The dude that runs The Turf loves his bar so much that he hired the owner of Herd and Horns bar to burn it down secretly and collected the insurance money and built it back up to its empire status. That’s not really what happened but that’s piss talk in a lot of men’s bathrooms. The truth will always come out. Chubbs is the older bar with the older crowd with the older smell. Not a shit bar and honestly a great place to pick up older women I’ve found out. The final ‘Bison themed’ bar close to campus is Herd and Horns. Started by a former NDSU punter and failed NFL player but clearly he made enough money to start a magazine empire and bar/restaurant. I admire the man. Many people are jealous of him. I heard he’s trash at bags though so challenge him any chance you get especially on his home turf. Look we aren’t even talking about the The Turf but somehow we kind of are. Great name. Herd and Horns is the newby Bison bar. It’s where your kids’ kids hang out. That’s if your kid had a kid during college. It’s all fancy like Mike Dragovich’s lifestyle. It’s definitely the third option out of the three. Secret backrooms, toilets that work and coasters for your beers. Let’s make one thing certain there’s three Bison bars in Fargo and that’s it. There will only ever be three unless Dragovich is hired to burn another one down.

However, I do think this new bar is in a prime time location with it being connected to a hotel. One drink, two drink, three drink, hammered and you can’t drive home and you can’t comprehend technology, well at least hotel rooms are within striking distance.

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