Should Twins pitcher Trevor May’s career stats get tossed out the window because he plays Fortnite with some top tier Twitch streamers?

Everyone knows I’m a big Fortnite player. I’m so into Fortnite that I bought the actual PS4 disc instead of downloading it on the console like everyone else. Pumba also plays Fortnite, excuse me, he runs around the map hiding in bushes and house attics. With that being said we aren’t the best duo team around. I like to push and Pumba likes to sneak up and take it easy. I don’t play as much Fortnite as I’d like to. I’d love to play from 5 p.m. until midnight but I have other hotter priorities 😉 but I do get a chance to learn from my favorite Twitch streamers everyday.

This morning I was watching TimTheTatman play with a few of his buddies and all of a sudden his Twitch chat started talking about Twins. Everyone just started spamming TWINS and I was lost. I thought I was missing out an some inside joke with the streamer and his chat. Little did I know it was Minnesota Twins pitcher and founder of Esports Lab, Esports investor and entrepreneur (fuk that’s a tough word). And all of a sudden a guy with the name Iamtrevormay joined their Fortnite party. And for fuks sake, it indeed was Twins pitcher and owner of these stats:

May is still sitting on the disabled list while he recovers from Tommy John surgery but is expected to be back later this month I’m hearing. So, TimTheTatman asks May what his trainer thinks of him playing Fortnite (assuming that May should be do some weird exercise drills to get his arm stronger, I’m guessing him and I don’t do the same things to make our forearms look thick) with these Twitch streamers that are getting close to 50,000 views per stream and May says, “He’s sitting right next to me playing on his PS4.” I lost it. I mean if playing video games for your full-time job isn’t the dream than being an MLB pitcher and playing video games with full-time streamers is heaven. It doesn’t get any better than that. May tweeted a nice inspirational quote this morning and his 23.5k followers just assumed it was about his arm getting stronger everyday.

Little did they know the tweet was about his Fortnite game. He followed that tweet up by tweeting at the guys he was playing with his Fortnite setup. Pretty badass to see the behind the scenes of a professional baseball players life. Fortnite has taken over everyone’s life.

I’ll be the first to admit that I had no idea that a Twins pitcher played Fortnite much less play with some of the top guys in the community. But I’ll also admit that we should take it easy on Mr. May. He’s had a few rough years with Minnesota. a 5.14 ERA in 13 wins isn’t too solid. He’s had two losing seasons and one .500 year but the 214 strikeouts don’t look awful. Let’s go easy on the guy. He’s just like one of us that live in our parents basement and play Fornite and write blogs expect he also sees the sunlight a time or two a day. I want to extend the Sauce Squad invite to Mr. May. And I also want to say no matter how bad he does this season, every career stat has a chance to be thrown out the window if he continues to play Fortnite.






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