Western Minnesota obit takes a wild turn after affair gets exposed

A week ago a loving elderly lady passed away in western Minnesota. Only problem was she may have been too loving. Kathleen Dehmlow passed away at the age of 80 and her obit was the most interesting one I’ve ever read. Obit’s are supposed to sweet and kind and happy. At least that’s what society tells us. But what if that person was everything but that? Her obit exposes her affair with her husband’s brother in 1962. Five years earlier she had two kids but then abandoned them to move to California with her husband’s brother. The kids were raised by her parents. Wild stuff, first off. The obit finishes with some not so kind words. “She will not be missed by (her children), and they understand that this world is a better place without her.” I mean how deep can you bury someone after they pass away? The answer is deep as hell. Past hell actually. I always wondered why obit’s were never completely honest. When I die my obit will probably start with, “The Sauce broke 16 girls hearts in sixth-grade. He was a dick.” Yeah, my children and grandchildren will cringe when they read that but it’s the truth. Why keep living a lie after you die? There’s no need for it. I respect the hell out of the person that wrote this obit. It was brutal but it was the truth. RIP Kathleen.

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