Minnesota Lynx don’t get a chance to skip White House ceremony because they didn’t get invited

On today’s Sauce’n On You podcast, Pumba and I discussed the plan of possibly starting a WNBA podcast. There’s a lot of success in women’s sports including in the state of Minnesota as the Lynx have won four titles since 2011, which is tied for the most rings with the Houston Comets (team folded in 2008). I’m a big women’s basketball fan. No lie. Not that having a signed Maya Moore shirsey hanging on my bedroom wall makes me a WNBA guru but it’s the truth. The Lynx are my team. And they have found themselves in the newspapers not only for their 2-5 record but also for not receiving an invitation to the White House after winning last season’s title. Everyone knows if you win a championship you get an invite to the White House. Well, President Trump as of today still hasn’t sent an invitation to the 2017 WNBA Champions. And now the Lynx decided to not hang their heads and focus on doing something else during their trip to Washington Wednesday.

Source (Minnesota) — No matter. The Lynx are making the most of their time in Washington, anyway. Before playing the Mystics on Thursday night, they’ll spend Wednesday participating in a team community service event through Samaritan’s Feet at Payne Elementary School. They’ll end the day with a ceremony commemorating their championship.


Following the championship, Lynx veteran forward Rebekkah Brunson said she would decline an invitation if one did come.

“I won’t go,” she said in October.


Maya Moore, the team’s biggest star, said then: “I’m assuming everything will be normal until I hear otherwise.”

What she and her teammates have heard is silence. The team has celebrated at the White House in the past with President Barack Obama.

Trump also canceled his invite to the Super Bowl 52 champions on Monday due to a lack of players willing to show up. My sources in Washington said less than a dozen players were going to attend.

Here’s the thing: I don’t care what championship you win, you don’t have to do a single fukn thing. If I win a journalism award (which I recently did) I don’t have to accept the invitation to the awards ceremony. If I don’t want to go because sometimes I don’t want to gloat in front of people or show my colleagues that I am in fact a better journalist out of them all than I don’t have to. Even though I did. I’m just saying I had a choice. Everyone is flying off the fukn court and field about this forward and that guard and that safety and that linebacker not attending the White House ceremony when at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter. He’s the President of the United States of America. Respect him or not, he is the President of the United States.

I do agree that accepting an invite is the polite and respectful thing to do. But if you don’t want to you don’t have to and don’t throw a huge piss party about it. If the Lynx don’t want to go (they never go a chance to actually so no), fine. They haven’t really raised a stink about it because it’s mostly the newspapers. I actually think what they are doing instead is much more productive. And I respect that. I do feel that Trump is being a big fool for not even inviting the WNBA franchise. Is he going to start not inviting any team that wins its respected title so he doesn’t have to send sad tweets out about taking the invitation back with is tail between his legs? When will this shit end?

Solution: a team wins the title, Trump invites them, said team has a choice to accept or decline the invite. If they decline, fine. If they accept, fine. But if they don’t even get the chance to accept or decline like the Lynx, that’s not fine.



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