ESPN announcer does the worst thing possible and calls the Minnesota Gophers the Badgers

I don’t care how many games you announce on the radio or television, if it’s your full-time job you have to know who is who.

On Sunday night, the Minnesota Gophers defeated UCLA 13-8 in the NCAA Minneapolis Regional championship game. During the bottom of the eighth inning of the Mississippi vs. Oklahoma Tallahasse Regional contest, a graphic popped up on screen of the eight teams that punched its tickets to the Super Regional. The Gophers were one of those teams as they clinched their first ever Super Regional appearance but that sentence wasn’t so sweet to hear for Minnesota fans.

I called North Dakota State athletics on the radio for a few years in college. I’m bragging, fight me. It was very different from the ESPN scene and I understand that people make mistakes. Everyday errors are made. But being in the sports radio or television profession you have to know every team, every player, every stat, every coach and if you don’t this is how someone calls the Gophers the Wisconsin Badgers. Just because Minnesota hasn’t been to the Super Regional eight or seven times like Vanderbilt, North Carolina and Arkansas doesn’t mean you can just forget about the little guys and call them the wrong name. Not far to the program that has had such struggles not only on field but off field in the last few years.

Also, once you call a team the wrong name, you lose a ton of credibility in your future broadcasting career. These mistakes can’t happen. Say the wrong number of outs, fine, have a pass but don’t ever call a school by one of their rivals nickname.

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