Did Karl-Anthony Towns just confirm the rumors that he wants out of Minnesota?

There’s something only real journalism guys like myself can figure out. It’s called investigative journalism. Last night I was doing some hardcore investigative work and I comfortable saying Karl-Anthony Towns will be shipped out of Minnesota before the beginning of the 2019-20 season.

Now this is the second time KAT was linked to Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns. A few weeks ago there was a photo of KAT wearing a Booker jersey floating around and why yes it was taken a long time ago but still this is me and should be all the Timberwolves fans putting the puzzle together.

KAT posted what looked like a commercial feature himself on his Instagram story about 24 hours ago and there is a Los Angelos Lakers player (D’Angelo Russell) in the background. My investigative work takes me down two tunnels. One: these Instagram videos posted by KAT yesterday were either filmed when Russell still played for the Lakers. Or two: the Lakers aren’t the franchise we thought they were and they are putting up posters of overrated former players because that’s the only buzz they are creating at the bottom of the Western Conference.

Either way the KAT rumors have been confirmed and he either wants to go to the Suns, which would involved Phoenix trading the Timberwolves this year’s No. 1 pick or he wants to go to L.A. with LeBron James or Paul George. And me being a Timberwolves fan, I want players that WANT to be on my team. KAT has and will continue to grow into a super star a Midwest Anthony Davis is you will but if he doesn’t want to be in Minnesota then he has to go. And if it’s to the Lakers, I’ll take Ingram and Kuzman plus a pick. Plus once LeBron takes his talents West there’s no need for those two gentlemen.



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