Many people are saying this sappy North Dakota Reddit post was written by Pumba

I’m a man on the streets today while I try and film my first sauce review, which drops tomorrow morning. However, I’ve been hearing some stuff that Pumba posted some lame ass Reddit message on the North Dakota thread about how he is worried about his future in the state he’s grown up and lived in for his whole life. What a bitch move by Pumba. Get up and leave the state if you are unhappy. But I guess sad men make sad moves and posting a message on a Reddit thread is definitely a last call for help. The post that Pumba supposedly wrote received some very funny yet serious replies.

Can I get a third this!? Hell yeah! If these three replies don’t get you pumped up to pack your shit in a Uhaul, leave your wife and drop your kids in a basket on the Red River than I honestly don’t know what will.

But sometimes Internet rats have to ruin the mood and Pumba’s brain is twisted because he doesn’t know if he should leave North Dakota or stay because now “It’s not you. It’s not North Dakota. Making friends just gets harder as you get older. This is a well-know phenomenon.”

Pumba, North Dakota doesn’t suck. People that say that can go anywhere else in the U.S. and pay more for beer and housing. Nine hole golf courses are much more elite and the rules are much more laid back. I.E., (insert picture of Pumba wearing athletic shorts and a cutoff at his home course in rural North Dakota).

Here’s the thing, Pumba didn’t write this. First off, he doesn’t have the balls or knowledge to post on Reddit. Second off, if you are in you mid 20’s and you haven’t really found a friend group to hang out with you’re a loser. That’s just a cold hard fact. Making friends when you have no friends is hard but I guarantee you won’t make a single friend by sitting in your apartment posting to Reddit. Get your ass to a bar, buy a table of 15 girls and gals drinks and you’ve made about a dozen friends in less then 1 minute. Three of those 15 people will hate you but that’s the price you pay. Don’t blame North Dakota cuz you can’t make a friend.



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