Four dudes who think they know how to run a sailboat don’t, end up slamming it into Duluth, Minn. lift bridge

A powerful burst of wind in the Duluth harbor swept a small sailboat into the Aerial Lift Bridge, snapping the mast and nearly sending the vessel’s occupants into the water.


Video of the drama captured by onlookers has been viewed tens of thousands of times since it occurred about 5:40 p.m. Wednesday during the first in a series of sailboat races put on by the Duluth Yacht Club.


Bystander video showed a boat with a blue hull turning sideways and teetering as it neared the bridge deck. People on the walkway ran along, some with cellphone cameras capturing the scene.

Close your eyes. Now imagine what a couple dudes riding a sailboat look like. Do they look like fukn fools? Good because they are. Duluth is a great place to play in the water. Even a better place to take the sailboat out because of the wind. But when you have four dudes with their boat shoes up each other asses you get distracted. In fact, you end up breaking your precious little boat wannabe. Pro tip from not a water pro: don’t buy a fukn sailboat. They don’t look cool and no one wants to join a sailboat Facebook club.

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