Bottled Sports welcomes new writer: Delly

Greetings, sports fans!

My name is Delly, and I’m the newest Bottled Sports contributor. I’m an outdoor­loving, ultimate frisbee­playing, dog­obsessed college student at Macalester College in St. Paul who can definitely shotgun a beer faster than you.

As a New England transplant (I hail from the great state of Vermont) you may not like my sports teams, but I’m hoping that you will like me!

Full disclosure: I embrace the obnoxious Boston stereotype from time to time. Sorry to
say it, but Tom Brady is unquestionably the GOAT. In general however, I like to keep an even
keel and interact civily with other fanbases. I’ve even started to develop a bit of a liking for
Minnesota teams, and can say for certain that I’m all in for the Vikes next year. Until the meet the Patriots in the Super Bowl, of course.

Outside of sports, my interests range widely. Some of my favorite activities are fishing,
playing poker, skateboarding, and even brewing my own beer from time to time (although it’s usually pretty suspect).

My favorite activity, though, is writing, and I hope to do a lot of that for this website from now on. Look out for my posts, which I imagine will cover not only sports but college life, local news stories, and some cultural commentary.

Don’t be shy to reach out if you have questions or comments about anything I write! I’d love some feedback so I can do my best to provide you with the content you’re craving.

Delly out.

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