Is kidnapping dogs worse than kidnapping children?

St. Paul, Minn.  — A St. Paul police officer plays around with two golden retrievers found Saturday morning, according to Brennan Furness. According to Furness, his mother’s minivan was stole Friday night with the two dogs inside.

There’s a lot of bad shit that goes down in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. But a low life stealing a minivan with two very good dogs in the back is the worst thing that’s happened this year. I’m a cat dude and you never hear about cats getting stolen because only idiots bring their cat(s) in the car with them. But dogs. Dogs are different because in my book they rank above your siblings and that hot girl you see at the coffee shop every morning. So that begs the question, is kidnapping a dog worse than kidnapping a child? The short answer is yes. The long answer is fuk yes. Listen, you lose a kid, well you save a good chunk of money. But if you lose a dog, you might as well sign up for a cell at the mental hospital because you’ll never be the same. Dogs bring joy to this world. Every morning when they wake you up all you can do is smile. Kids don’t have that same affect on you when they are bitching and moaning at 4:28 a.m. You just want to set them down the Missouri River and wish em luck. I’ll have kids one day and I’ll love them. I’ll also have a dog or two in the near future and I’ll love them more. And if for someone reason if my Daddy Van gets stolen and my dogs or my kids are in the back seat, I’m hoping to hell it ain’t my four legged friends.

Also, thank you for everyone that helped bring Harkin and Dev back to their owners. Sweet sweet boys.

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