The Minnesota Twins are straight garbage, just absolutely trash

A few weeks ago, around the time the 2018 MLB season started I wrote a blog about how the Minnesota Twins had the best pitching core in the land.  I’ve never been so wrong in my life. I even predicted the Minnesota Timberwolves would win a series this postseason and hell that almost happened even though they lost 4 games to 1. At times the Timberwolves looked like they could win game one and even game two and four but the Rockets blew up the wolf trail and sent them packing. The Twins, however, have gone from best pitching through the first few games to the worst overall team in the league. I mean holy shit. If you didn’t catch tonight’s game well you def had more fun than us that did. Minnesota had a 5-1 after the first inning. That lead then was moved to an 8-4 lead after four innings. And then the boos started to fill an empty Target Field. To be so bad. Actually to have such a bad turn around in such a short amount of time is so Minnesota, it’s fabulous. This is our baseball team. This is what we watch when we sit down with our fathers, or our mothers or our girlfriends or our drunken pals. This trash team. A Joey Votto home run to cut the Twins lead to 8-5 I can live with. Hell even a base hit to left field that scores two Cincy runs I can live with. Fuk it I’ll go as far as saying a Tucker Barnhart sacrifice fly to tie the game at 8-8 I can live with. But to give up the lead and let the Reds score six runs and take a 10-8 lead after a half inning I cannot live with. That’s where I draw the line. Someone needs to get fired. This can’t happen. One game after another, it’s always something. And tonight it was a baaaad inning to a team that was 5-20 coming into the game.

Also, someone better check up on Mr. Reusse. 37 years is a long long time not to have a sip of liquor or a nose beer but my god as bad as it sounds I hope he’s had so many drinks he thinks the Twins scored six in one inning not the Reds.

Also, if anything happened after 9:03 p.m. I’m sorry unless it’s more shit play by this team.

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