NFL Draft Recap Round 2: Bottled Sports Style

All of us football fans in the Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota area had to wait 43 picks to hear a name called that we actually cared about. Dallas Goedert — first off, if you name your kid after a city, he better be 6-foot-5, 255 pounds and good looking as hell. Look at Dallas. His DMs had to be overflowing last night with messages from jersey chasers.

The best part about Goedert getting drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles is that he will be catching passes from an enemy. Former North Dakota State quarterback and current cross manager for Jesus, Carson Wentz will have to try and have an actual relationship with a former Jackrabbit player. That just doesn’t happen and it probably won’t. No matter how much Wentz says he’s a follower of Christ, trying to unhate someone is hard to do.

Bison and Jackrabbits don’t belong on the same planet. I’m an NDSU guy. So all you South Dakota State fans can throw me to the rabbits because I’ll just cuddle with them. On the flip side, Dallas going to Philly is good for one good reason. If the NFL is doing one thing right it’s keeping former FCS players together. Goedert is a great target for Wentz. I’m below Nick Saban’s tooth pick guy on football analysis but I know good talent when the media tells me. If Wentz and Dallas can put their college disputes behind them this could be a very special quarterback — tight end connection and might just be the start of patching up wounds from the Border Battle.

Also, tight end to tight end to a normal football person, GoedErtz is a Top 5 nickname in the land of football.

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