If the Minnesota Vikings don’t draft the best Uber driver in the Nation I will be very upset

Claiming you’re the best at anything is a red flag. You can’t live up to the hype. No one is the best at anything. Except if you are the man that created the Stella logo. Maurice Hurst Jr. is a former University of Michigan defensive tackle. He’s very good. Not the best but he’s worthy of a first-round pick and the Minnesota Vikings happen to need a defensive tackle ASAP. Hurst Jr. claims that he’s the best Uber drive in the country. But he doesn’t claim that he’s the best defensive tackle ever to play the game. He can’t live up to the hype. But even though Hurst Jr. thinks he can drive people around better than he can sack a quarterback I’m still very high on him. I want a defensive tackle that smashes bodies on the field and protects them off the field. Being an Uber driver seems like an easy job but putting up with drunk people when you are sober is the worst thing on the planet. Hurst Jr. should be a lock for the Vikings at pick 30 on Thursday if he agrees to sign a contract that states he will Uber fans to every Minnesota home game. If you claim you are the best driver in the land, you better be able to show it on the road and drive offensive linemen backwards on the NFL field.


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