Minnesota Police Department is trying to trap 4/20 smokers

Today is April 20th a day many youngsters know as 4/20 or Weed Day. A day where schools will notice many students wearing drug rugs. A day where parents will notice an increased appetite in their children. A day where gas stations will be selling many cigars but for the cigar paper not the tobacco.

It’s a day for the fans of marijuana to spark up together and celebrate life while being stoned. There’s also rumors every year that cops don’t give out arrests for smoking the devil’s lettuce on this day. Not sure how true that is. But many smokers are willing to give it a try. However, I reckon if you are participating in 4/20 and are trying to test the police make sure you aren’t in Wyoming, Minn. The Wyoming Police Department has been warning weed smokers on Twitter throughout today about the possible traps being set up around the community to catch these high flying kites.

Also, my favorite thing to do on 4/20 is not to smoke but to go stand near the brownie aisle at the grocery store and then follow those people that bought brownie mix home. Chances are they are willing to share today.

Also, if you live in Fargo, N.D. and want to enter a contest let the Police Department know.

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