BREAKING: Mike Daum has declared for the NBA Draft

Mike Daum, South Dakota State superstar, a.k.a the Sauce’s daddy has declared for the 2018 NBA Draft but will not hire an agent. Daum broke the news via Twitter just a few minutes past 3 p.m. It’s a move that I didn’t see coming. I though it would be smart for Daum to explore other options and transfer out of SDSU. Never did him declaring for the draft cross my mind.

Now there’s a chance Daum could be back in a Jackrabbits uniform next season. He can work out with NBA teams at the end of April but has to decide by June 11 if his next steps will be on an NBA court or back to college ball.

Daum is a helluva player and I predict him to be a late first round draft pick this year but he could definately climb up those draft boards if he stays one more season. However, I think the time is now. You’ve declared for the draft now stick with it and go all out. I hate when players test the waters. No matter how key that is to their future, once you have that little bug in your ear telling you that you can go back to school one more year I fear that players sometimes don’t give it their all during the draft process. Once you declare, you are gone. That’s what it should be. Drizzy Daum to the Timberwolves let’s get it going right now.


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