NEW WRITER ALERT: If G-Train sees one more video of someone golfing in the snow he’s going to lose it

Nobody cares that you’re golfing in the snow. Zero people care. So, I can’t scroll through any social media these days and not see some fuk head shooting a golf ball through a snow bank. It’s April 18th, golf courses should be open, I accept that. What I don’t give a flying fuk about is how your trying to get some views on your favorite social media outlet by golfing in the snow. Guess what? We all want it to quit snowing. It’s fukn April if you forgot. Making dumb videos isn’t going to make the snow melt any faster. I’d love to be crackin’ cold ones on the course, smoking a stogie and using up my 5th mulligan on hole 4 but I can wait. Patience is a virtue. Take a long walk off a short dock and find some. Shit, there’s more snow on the way today and possible tomorrow. Guess I’ll have to throw my phone off a cliff so I don’t have to watch all these bullshit videos because no one can see which direction your fukn golf ball went anyways.

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