We didn’t wait 14 years for this

Last night the Minnesota Timberwolves played in its first playoff game in 14 years. I was 10 at the time. My Wally Szczerbiak jersey is still hanging on my wall. And as much as I wanted to tear it right off the wall at times because of my hate/love with this franchise it still hangs on its black hangers. But Sunday night, the Timberwolves had it. They covered the 11 point spread and looked like they were gonna go up 1-0 in this series but lost 104-101 to No. 1-seed Houston. There were a few things that pissed me off about Minnesota’s performance.

  1. STOP FUKN JAMES HARDEN — I don’t care if Trevor Ariza scores 50. I don’t care if Chris Paul gets 22 assists. I don’t even care if Clint Capela gets 25 rebounds. Do not let Harden break you down 1 v 1 with his between the legs moves and hit a step back three pointer. Side rant: Harden travels on every step back, he takes his step back and then a mini step back. I wanted to throw my television out the goddamn window every time I saw him go 1 v 1 someone. You see him tap the ball back and forth, no one is cutting, no one is moving, literally no one moves when he goes 1 v 1 yet still he nails a three in your face. Seven threes he made while no other Rocket made more then one. I’m a regular noon ball player and I could stop Harden. Hey Thibs, run a defense. Box in one. At least do something. How much pain can a coach take? At some point you have to be like “Well, Harden has scored 25 points in the final 18 minutes of the game, we should maybe try something else?” Nah.
  2. TRADE ANDREW WIGGINS YESTERDAY — I was never a believer of having too many stars on one team. I thought no way it could be done. The more star power the better the team? Hell no that isn’t true one bit. The more star power the worse the team. Thibs you have two players on your team that need the ball in their hands and that’s Jimmy Butler and KAT. Wiggins doesn’t need 15 shots he needs 6. I watched Wiggins stand on the edge of the three point line for 3 or 4 possessions and not move. He literally sat there with nothing to do.

  1. 2. And people wonder why the Spurs always make it to the playoffs. They move without the basketball. You learn that in little kid ball. If you don’t have the basketball well at least go near the hoop because someone will find you. The Timberwolves know they can’t shoot threes yet they sit on the three point arc. Thibs holy hell, if you think you can beat Houston at its own game of deep balls, you are so fukn screwed it ain’t even worth showing up. Let this series be decided on the inside. Let KAT dual Capela. Trade two points for three points and than make a stop of two. I’m all for letting Houston shoot 37 three pointers. If they make 15-18 fine. Beat them up inside and play defense. Minnesota, do not think for a second you are going to outshoot this team. Not for a second. Push them around and play some defense. My goodness. This game isn’t hard.

BONUS!!! — If this ever happens again I will go live on Facebook, cry, put my tears in a glass, mix it with vodka and drink it.

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