Bottled Sports is looking for writers and we need you

We have a good thing going here at Bottled Sports. I’ve been keeping up with the videos on Facebook and Twitter. The podcast took a week break but will be back Monday. We had a few things to change as far as preparation and production. But our 10th episode of Sauce’n On You will drop at 8 a.m. Monday. I wanted to make sure that the 10th episode would be our best and I truly think it will be. I hope you folks enjoy it. We were focusing too much on national sports and news and in order for this company to take off we need to focus on our niche, which is North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. We can’t compete nationally yet. Locally and in the tri state area we can become the giants and with the preparation and focus we will take over this area. But we need some help from you. I’ve (the Sauce) written most of the blogs. I work in the journalism world so I’m writing from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. However, we need more writers to continue to make it to the tips of Egypt. I’ll be straight up, we have zero money. We can’t pay anyone but that shouldn’t turn you away. Maybe every month we can set something up where we Venmo (no free ads) you $20 for a case of beer. Here at Bottled Sports we offer what no one else can — a platform where you can write whatever the hell you want. We take sports, news and lifestyle in the North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota area and write commentary blogs. And write blogs about anything in the area. Take a look at our homepage. Yeah, you can get an internship with a local newspaper or local television station but you can’t use fuk or roast the hell outta someone or some story. And I agree those internships will land you jobs, which means money in your bank account. But here at Bottled Sports we want to have fun with it. We want to make the news fun for the younger generations. Oh there’s a money scam going around in South Dakota, cool. No, put those grandparents or parents who fell into the money scam trap on blast. Don’t fukn hand over your credit card to random people over the phone. Its 2018 goddamn you should know not to do that.

We are dysfunctional here at Bottled Sports. Two former wannabe employees were pissed we hadn’t gained a million Facebook likes and two million Twitter followers in the first two weeks of being on the Internet. It takes time. The old cliche, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” well neither was Bottled Sports. It’s gonna take some time. There’s going to be a week were our Facebook post reach is 20,000 people. Too bad it was a video and not a blog but 20,000 is 20,000. But there’s gonna be weeks were we only reach 200 people on social media. Our page views are solid. We are getting anywhere form 50 – 600 a day. We’ve surpassed 1,000 views a few times in the last few months thanks to Hags. He’s our other writer we have. Very funny dude and is a helluva writer. We also have Pumba who is mostly heard on the podcast. He tries to write a blog every night but can’t get past the first sentence. Then we have Tom’s Butler who writes a blog but then talks himself out of sending it to me. TB we know you can write, now post that shit. And finally we have Ronald Recap who is all in one day and then doesn’t want anything to do with us the next. He recaps Minnesota sports. We need that at Bottled Sports but we also need him to be more consistent. College is just about to finish up and summer is hopefully right around this corner. That is if this fukn snow every leaves. We know you all have work lined up this summer but cutting grass for your neighbor and putting up tents for high school graduation parties sucks. Join us at Bottled Sports. You don’t have to write everyday but when you are pissed that the Timberwolves got rid of Andrew Wiggins or when the Twins are in a slump we are here for you. And we will always be here for you North Dakotans, South Dakotans and Minnesotans.

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