Watch out NFL world, the Minnesota Vikings are doin’ offseason things together

Ahh shit… If Stefon Diggs’ Instagram story doesn’t scream Super Bowl or bust then I never dated 16 girls in sixth-grade. Last night the dude gave the world a little preview of a private workout that featured newly signed quarterback Kirk Cousins. I don’t think you understand how long it’s been for Vikings fans to have a group of players set up private workouts during the offseason and post it to Instagram. The Vikings are now hip. These offseason workouts at high school football fields tucked away in the Georgia woods aren’t just workouts. This is bro time. This is bonding time. The result of these workouts under the sun are 60 yard touchdown bombs from Cousins to Adam Thielen and Diggs in the playoffs. Fuk the Minnesota Miracle. The Vikings are going GATA style this season. Get After Their Asses. We don’t need miracles or hail mary’s because the Vikings are gonna GATA their opponents. You know why Tom Brady and the Patriots win every Super Bowl? Its because Tom takes his three best bros to some middle of fukn no where field and grinds through drills for seven days straight. Sun up to sun down. No liquor or beer or cigars. It’s a business trip. Water and electrolytes only. The Vikings have entered the Kirk Cousins era and the Kirk Cousins era is trying to copy the Tom Brady era. And I’m in full Tom Brady copy mode.


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