Logan Morrison should follow Dexter Fowler on Twitter for advice on how to break a hitting slump

This is Logan Morrison. He’s hit 38 home runs. The most of his career. He also had 126 hits. Not too shitty. Those stats that we judge players on were from last season. This season he’s in a new uniform. A Minnesota Twins uniform and he’s hitless. In fact he’s 0 for 11. Shitty.

This is Dexter Fowler. He had 18 home runs and 111 hits last season for the St. Louis Cardinals. This season Fowler has had similar numbers to Morrison. He is 0 for 13 in his first three games. This morning he tweeted this:

The tweet was funny, his stats are too. This isn’t your typical advice tweet. But he’s facing the demons head on and I respect that. I respect players that can make fun of themselves. Morrison hasn’t touched his Twitter since 2015. If you haven’t been on Twitter in three years, you technically don’t exist on social media. And that’s a problem in 2018.

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