The Minnesota Twins Might Have the Best Pitching Core in Baseball — The Hitting Ain’t Bad Either

God has risen and so has the Minnesota Twins pitching core. Hell these boys might be the best in baseball and we are three games into the season. The Twins picked up their second straight win today 7-0 against the Baltimore Orioles. Jose Berrios was wheeling and dealing as he finished with a complete game shutout — the first of his career. He struck out six, allowed three hits and one walk. As he stepped onto the mound in the final inning he had a one-hitter cooking. The Twins now move to 2-1 on the season and are .5 game back from the Chicago White Sox for first place in the Central.

The Home Run (the good from the game) 

— The hitting was looking saucy again. Brian Dozier gave Minnesota a 1-0 lead with a first inning home run as the Twins led 4-0 after the top of the first. Dozier finished with two home runs and two RBIs. Miguel Sano cranked his second homer of the season and Eduardo Escobar added his first of the year in the third inning. After last night’s big scoring night, the Twins followed it up with another one. And they are looking good offensively. Even Byron Buxton added two hits.

— Berrios had 90 pitches on his count entering the final inning. As the ninth seemed like it was a nightmare in the making, he got out of the jam with a game ending strikeout. He finished with 107 pitches and 71 strikes. He was getting the Baltimore hitters to swing at the first few pitches and that’s what teams are gonna do against him. Once you let him dual you late into a count, batters are going to have a tough time figuring out what he’s throwing.

The Walk (the decent/weird of the game)

— In the ninth inning something strange happened. The unwritten rules of baseball were tested. Chance Sisco of Baltimore laid down a bunt to disrupt Berrios’ one-hitter. The Twins radio announcers were stunned. Hell, even Paul Molitor gave a thick stare at the Orioles bench. Honestly, I like this move. Baseball fans think if you are leading by a certain amount of runs in the final inning that a team should just roll over and take the loss. I disagree. It wasn’t like Berrios had a no hitter going. If you are down 5 points with 10 seconds to play in basketball you don’t give up. If you are down a touchdown with two seconds left and are at your own one yard line, you don’t not try and throw a hail mary or some sort of wacky play to win the game. It’s sports. They are competitive. You play to win the game. Sisco’s bunt led to the bases being loaded before Berrios struck out Adam Jones in six pitches. A rally was in the making and that’s why you play until the final out has been recorded.

The strikeout (the bad from the game)

— CAN LOGAN MORRISON DO SOMETHING? It’s early I get that this is an overreaction but for a guy that had so much hype coming into the season, he’s done jack shit. Today he finished 0 for 5 with a strikeout and the big swinging dick of a hitter hasn’t recorded his first hit in a Twins uniform yet. It’ll come. I hope. It’s Easter. I must have hope.

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