Long Balls: Twins Get First Win of Season

I’m on a time limit since no one wants to find my Easter basket. And if I don’t find it ASAP, well, one of my cousins is going to snatch it. I do not want that. Last night the Minnesota Twins picked up its first win of the season. There were some ups and downs but overall the Twins swung the bat well and had strong pitching in their second game of the season to pick up the 6-2 win over Baltimore. Nearly pulling off a combine no hitter.

The Home Run (the good from the game) 

— Kyle Gibson looks like the Kyle Gibson that ended 2017 on a high note. And that’s good. Gibson wasn’t supposed to get the start but Irvin Santana had his first start delayed yet again. However, Gibson did Gibson things. Six no hit innings, six strikeouts and well five walks which isn’t ideal but hey a win is a win. And luckily, we only had to wait two games for their first one.

— Literally the Home Run of the game were the home runs. Miguel Sano gave the Twins a 1-0 lead in the first inning. Love watching Sano hit them deep. Something about a guy in gold chains and a do-rag cranking balls over fences gets me going. In the top of 3rd Jason Castro piped one deep to give Minnesota a 2-0 lead. And then the beautiful Max Kepler got in on the home run action in the fourth to give the Twins a 4-0 lead. I’m still wet over how hot Kepler looks. He looks better than he did last year and I thought that was going to be tough to top. All three home runs were firsts of the year by the three Twins.

The Walk (the okay from the game) 

— This was a weird game. I thought there were a lot of good things for it being just the second game of the season. But there were more bad things (strikeouts) then decent things and that’s okay because it is very early in the year.

The Strikeout (the bad from the game) 

— It’s never good when your four, five and eight hitters go a combined 0 for 11. Eddie Rosario had two strikeouts, Logan Morrison had two more strikeouts and well Bryan Buxton had two damn strikeouts. It was home run balls and strikeouts for everyone. Morrison is still searching for that first hit. It’ll come. We hope. But when you have three guys like this not get a single hit and you can still put six runs on the board. I don’t hate that.

Also, Ronald Recap is back. Let’s get it.



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