I think Mikey Zimmer should be on his way out after these Kirk Cousins comments

Mikey Zimmer is covering his ass. The Minnesota Vikings dropped a huge bomb signing free agent Kirk Cousins. And now Zimmer says he isn’t looking at this season as Super Bowl or bust. GTF out. You don’t throw three years, $84 million guaranteed to not make these next three years Super Bowl or bust. If the Vikings don’t make it to one championship game in the next three years, this experiment was a bust. Plain and simple. And Zimmer is just making sure he covers his tracks. I don’t like this move. Tell the city, tell the fans and tell the NFL that the Vikings are coming and are here to stay at the top of the ranks with the Cousins move. To have success you have to have high expectations, which must be winning a Super Bowl. Mikey for real, get real because this team is real. And if you don’t think these next three years are Super Bowl or bust then you kind sir need to leave and welcome in a coach that will be front with Vikings Nation.


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