Rate Goldy The Gopher’s Performance at the College Mascot National Championship

Mascots are the best part about sports. Especially the mascots that support the real trash teams. Goldy The Gopher is one of those mascots. Its been an up and down last couple months for the University of Minnesota athletics with the only up being the women’s bball team making it to the tourney. Don Lucia recently stepped down from his head coaching post and every other day it seems some men’s bball player is getting in trouble. But to bring the spirits up we present you Goldy The Gopher dancing at the College Mascot National Championship (didn’t even know this existed). I’m a tad bit dumber today after watching that mind trap of a performance but Goldy The Gopher got my vote. Sound effects were on point but the dancing wasn’t too golden.

However, this is the same mascot that trucked the hell outta some little chump during a halftime show. So, for that Goldy, your performance is 10 cheers outta 10.

Also, who attends this event? Like are Goldy’s parents in the stands? Because Minnesota’s fans are fans of the university not the mascot, right?


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