Only way dog comes back home is if owner races it home SAD!

I’ll be front with you, I’m a cat person. Never had a dog in my life, however, that could very well change in the future. But cats are my people. They only talk back when they are hungry which is at 5 a.m. and about 6 p.m. Dogs park when I flip the page in my book. Now I don’t hate dogs. I want to make that very clear. But I’m team cat all the way. I was scrolling through Twitter today and I came across a video of a dog. The video really got in the dog buying mood. There’s this dog that escapes from his house and the only way he comes back to his palace is if his owner races him home with a car. Now cats are better than this. Cats aren’t gonna run away from your house. They are smart enough to know the wild (outside) is a scary place. Dogs are good. Cats are better. Both are fun. #CatMan

Also, if your dogs has escaped more times then you can count umm what the hell kind of leash is he on or should I say not on?


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