Dumb girl launches car into driver’s exam station, probably fails her test

SOURCE — A teenage driver taking her behind-the-wheel test in Buffalo on Wednesday didn’t exactly pass with flying colors. She crashed into the driver’s examination station before she even got on the road.

The 17-year-old from Monticello inadvertently put the 2014 Chevy Equinox in drive instead of reverse as the test began about 2 p.m.


When she stepped on the accelerator, the vehicle lurched forward, jumped the curb and plowed through the front of the station in a strip mall on 1st Avenue S., said Buffalo Police Chief Pat Budke.

She was not hurt, but her vehicle suffered significant damage, the chief said.


The license examiner, a 60-year-old female from Buffalo, was taken to a local hospital with noncritical injuries.

No one inside the office was hurt, but the crash damaged the building’s brick wall and glass windows, Budke said.


No charges will be filed, Budke said.

Millennial’s, man. They are fools. I think I fall in that category but my god. How fukn dumb do you have to be NOT understand where drive and reverse are? I once tried to coast down this huge hill in my hometown to save gas so I put the car in neutral but then as I got towards the bottom and started running outta steam I threw it in reverse for a quick second instead of drive. I got a tad bit confused. But this kid doesn’t even get outta the parking spot at a drivers examination station. Well, actually that’s false. The 17-year-old went right back into the station with but not on her feet. The fukn car launched right through the front window. I mean if you’re the instructor what do you say?

“Well, better luck next year.” This kid has to move outta Minnesota. No place should allow her to get a license. Just think of the damage she’ll do on the highway/in the streets. I feel so bad for the parents of this child. Like how badly did you fuk up to make your child this dumb?

Also, I’m just so stunned at how ridiculous this story is.

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