March is time for basketball fights and parents trying to be coaches

What a month of March it has been. Upsets, former porn stars saying they technically didn’t sleep with presidents, green colored rivers and basketball fights. I’m not sure how this fight started at a high school game in Minnesota but it had to be by a parent trying to get their kid more playing time. The postseason is really when the parent coaches have their coming out party. My two favorite parts of this video: the dad and his son walking at the bottom of the video at 23 seconds. Like that dad probably started a fight on the court back in his day and wants to jump in and throw some punches sooo badly but he’s a father figure now and that would be a bad look if he just left his son to start wally whoompin some people. Also, check the cheerleader at 1:19. And then her whole squad shows up. That’s how you do it! Like why the hell is the cheer team in the middle of this 2.1/10 fight? But also the whole squad better show up. You know it’s never a good fight when a twitter video only has 5 favorites. Did either of these teams make it to this week’s state tourney in Minnesota? I know the cheer teams didn’t.

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