I’m Really Excited For Classic Class “B” Communities Like Bismarck and Minot Getting To the State “B” Basketball Tournament

The State “B” sure is a special event in North Dakota. Entire towns will shut themselves down if the local team qualifies for the tournament. It’s a cool feeling to watch a group of kids that may have known each other since Kindergarten play on the big stage. Often times these kids live in a town with a triple digit population. It’s usually the only time these kids will play in front of a television audience. Memories to be made for a lifetime.

When I see teams from towns like Bismarck (pop. 61,272) and Minot (pop. 40,888) represented is such a feel-good moment. The fact that they got to play against each other gives you that “Hoosiers” feeling.

Juggernaut cities like Buxton (323), Reynolds (301), and Hillsboro (1,603) don’t capture that small town atmosphere. If you can’t tell, I’m laying on the sarcasm pretty thick here. Yes folks, this is your yearly, screw private schools that play in the Class “B” tournament rant. Nobody has ever liked it, nobody will ever like it, and you are the heels at every state tournament.

It’s a debate, conversation, and issue every year for those of us that went to small schools. I think it’s strange that a high school that charges $7500 a year to attend is on the same playing field as public schools in rural communities. When I see Minot Bishop Ryan, Fargo Oak Grove, Dickinson Trinity, or any of the Bismarck schools represented in the State “B” it doesn’t seem right.

So it was at least fitting that yesterday the two schools that fall under those guidelines this year played each other in the first round. I’ll be a St. John Woodchuck fan tonight when they take on Bishop Ryan in the semi-finals of the State “B” tournament.

Worst case scenario: Bishop Ryan wins and I get to watch Taylor Brooks, the WDAZ smokeshow, tell me about it. Seriously, WDAZ hired a serious hottie to give us sport scores. She’s good at her job too. Okay, shameless ass-kissing is over.

It’s game time, baby.

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I hope St. John beats the cake eaters tonight. However, I’m rooting for the Burros to repeat. So to whatever happens in this game, I want Hillsboro-Central Valley to bring it home again. To Taylor Brooks: my Twitter is @TheRealHags.



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