Crackin’ Bottled Brackets: Presented by Bottled Sports

This year Bottled Sports is putting on its first ever bracket challenged called Crackin’ Bottled Brackets. Our six unpaid but semi faithful employees picked four teams (one from each region) to cheer for throughout the Madness of March. Each player cannot have two teams with the same seed and at least one of the four teams has to be a double digit seed. The scoring breakdown is simple: one point for every win, two points for every win your double digit seed has and a bonus point is given if a player has one of their four teams make the final four and another bonus point will be awarded to anyone that has the National Champion picked correctly. Standings (scores) will be updated after every day of the tournament. The player with the most points wins whatever is in the treasure that is in the Bottled Sports office. This challenge will also give the fans a closer look into the lives of these fools who decided to help Sauce build a media company for free. 

Roach Clip: #1 Kansas, #3 Texas Tech, #9 Florida State, #15 Georgia State

“My teams all have championship written all over them,” he said while sitting outside the gym contemplating if he should enter or not. Ultimately, Roach Clip did not enter and decided to say fuk trying to lose weight. “What’s the point if I’m just gonna drink again this weekend?”

G-Train: #1 Virginia, #2 Purdue, #5 Ohio State, #12 New Mexico State

“Based on their record and my limited college b-ball knowledge,” G-Train said about what went into his picks as he said behind his desk at the snowmobile shop. He hadn’t seen any customers in the last 24 days so that “limited” basketball knowledge might be a lie. He’s had time to anal-lyze that South Region.

Syd: #1 Villanova, #2 Duke, #3 Tennessee, #12 South Dakota State

“If I win my boyfriend didn’t help me but if I lose my boyfriend did in fact help me.”

Hags: #1 Kansas, #2 North Carolina, #10 Butler, #11 Loyola-Chicago

“There’s not a clear cut favorite this year so it was a roll of the dice with UNC and Kansas being my high seeded teams.”

“Also … fuck Duke.”

Tom’s Butler: #1 Virginia, #2 North Carolina, #3 Michigan State, #10 Butler

“Because I’m a fucking genius,” Tom’s Butler said while attending a gardening conference for his work. I didn’t know plant stores were open during the winter? I guess we know where all that Minnesota green is coming from.

Pumba: #1 Virginia, #2 Purdue, #3 Michigan, #11 ASU/Syracuse

“First I selected Virginia and Michigan cause I think they are making the final four. Then I was looking at which double digit seed I wanted out of the remaining choices and I liked the ASU/Syracuse winner the most plus I like Purdue over Duke at a 2 seed anyway.” Okie dokie hardo.

Sauce: #3 Michigan, #4 Arizona, #10 Oklahoma, #12 South Dakota State

“I’m a winner. Ever since I came outta mom, I’ve been winning. It’s not about picking teams you like, it’s about picking teams that win and these four teams do,” Sauce said wile actually being sauced.

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