Teachers Vs. Snack Time: West Fargo’s Latest Issue

West Fargo had an interesting School Board meeting which saw two dozen Elementary Teachers show up after the rumor mill was up and running. There was a proposal that would designate 10 minutes of the school day for snack time. Where’s the issue, you might be asking? I found myself curious on that front as well.

The teachers are not having this idea because it would take away from preparation time. I’ve been in schools that designate snack time and this has never crossed my mind. What are you going to accomplish in the 10 minutes that your students are eating Tide Pod—, I mean apples and oranges, on a daily basis?

I’ve taught in an elementary classroom. Plenty of my friends and family have been in education and this sounds insane to me. Most of the time in an elementary classroom you’ve got your entire day planned out a week or more in advance. If you have to shuffle a few things around and do your preparation before or after school so Timmy can have an apple, that’s fair.

“West Fargo Educators Association President Kjiesta Moch said that most teachers were not in favor of the additional 10-minute snack time, as it takes away from teacher preparation time and contact with students. She said 161 teachers were polled regarding the schedule change and only four were in favor of it.”

(via InForum.com)

What is their vision of what snack time is? Kids will get out the chosen beverage or snack, hang out at their desk, and relax. You can allow them to come up with questions on homework while you’re at your desk correcting papers or prepping the next subject. I can’t believe this is being entertained as an issue at this school. What’s even more frightening is that only four teachers out of 161 were in favor of it.

Please, if you’re a teacher and you think I’m off my rocker, give me your reasons why this proposal should be shot down. I understand that time is valuable and you’re giving up 50 minutes a week to this proposal. That’s a lot of time for teachers, especially in the elementary setting. Okay? Okay.

That being said, it’s possible to multi-task during snack time. It’s possible to correct papers, prep something from your desk, or answer students questions during this time. I have a hard time believing someone in the elementary education field can’t figure out a way to make this work. If giving up ten minutes a day means Timmy can have an apple, you may have to adapt and figure this out.

Godspeed, West Fargo.

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