Will’s Training Table In Sioux Falls Has Thee Greatest Rule In Sports Bar History

Yesterday I found myself down in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to watch my alma mater, Mayville State University, play in the NAIA men’s national basketball tournament. The Comets qualified for the tournament for the first time since 2007. Current University of South Dakota Head Coach, Craig Smith, led the Comets to a national runner-up finish that year.

I rode a fan bus to Sioux Falls with a mixture of college kids, locals, and Mayville State faculty. Here’s a picture of how I felt when I saw the current crop of college kids. We arrived about an hour before the game was scheduled to start. Once everyone bought their tickets we were informed that our session was not starting until our game started. If you wanted to go in early to sit down, you had to pay for two sessions. Homie don’t play that.

That’s how you pay for a $20 million dollar arena in a town of 150,000 people, kids.

I obviously wasn’t going to pay for the extra session as the current game was already half over. I took a gander across the street where I saw the one thing that would make everything okay: A sports bar.

“Will’s Training Table” is the name of the place and I couldn’t give a stronger recommendation after my first trip there. The staff was very friendly, place was clean, and as the title of this article says, they have thee greatest rule in sports bar history.

One hell of a good rule, Will.

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Yes, you read that right. “First Pint Free” is their motto. It isn’t your first pint of domestic beer, either. Anything on that tap was included. So I helped myself to a Blue Moon, ordered some traditional wings, because boneless wings are nuggets, and was ready for some Mayville State hoops.

To those of you that ever find yourself near the Sanford Pentagon and want to get a little bit of value with your money before you pay $4.00 for a soda in a commerative plastic cup, check out Will’s Training Table. The food is good and your first pint is on the house.

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