I’m all in on handing out money for airport pet-relief areas

Source — Whether it’s these highly trained therapy dogs, service animals, bomb-sniffing canines or emotional support pets, more and more furry creatures are turning up at the nation’s airports, including MSP.


So it makes sense that they would need a private and clean place to relieve themselves.

While MSP already has three pet-relief areas in (or just outside) both terminals, an ongoing $1.6 billion upgrade at the airport includes adding more in the next year or so.


As Patrick Hogan, spokesman for the Metropolitan Airports Commission, notes, “The primary driver [for more pet-relief areas] isn’t really the increase in dogs. Rather, it’s a customer convenience for those traveling with service animals and pets, given the size of Terminal 1.”


The indoor pet-relief area in Terminal 1 is located just off Concourse E, near the northern stretch of the main mall. It features faux grass, a fire hydrant, and a sink. Later this year, construction will begin on another such area on Concourse F, but the project won’t be completed until later this year or early next.

Airports suck. There’s people, babies and security lines are the worst. The best part about airports are the animals. I was recently on a flight and there were three dogs on it. One service dog and two random little yippers. Made being at an airport at 5 a.m. a little more enjoyable even though I’m always hesitant to pet the damn things. A report came out today that MSP (the main airport in the cities) is dropping a cool $1.6 billion upgrade on pet relief areas and I’m all for it. Hell, drop an even $2 billion on the upgrades. Makes it easier to figure out the finances when you have an even number. I’d rather fly outta an airport that has more dogs than humans in it. I’d rather sit next to a big dog or small cat than a 250 pound plus human. If that makes me a asshole I’m sorry because I guarantee you’d do the same.

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