South Dakota Arby’s struggles with spelling

I’m still trying to imagine what type of person wrote this. A South Dakota Arby’s botched the hell outta this very important letter about their drive thru speaker being broken. It almost seems like it was staged considering whoever wrote this used the word incontinence, which means lack of voluntary control over urination or defecation, instead of using the word inconvenience. No matter the lack of spelling knowledge someone has, they HAVE to know the difference, correct? I mean you almost have to be a dumb person to not know the difference. Then again this was written by someone that works at a fast food chain. But using the word incontinence? I mean come on. I can understand the error of using “do” instead of “due” but that’s it. And who the hell uses “thee” for “the” unless they are royalty. This is a really bad look for Arby’s and more importantly South Dakota.



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