Fargo man gets found in Burger King trash by a very good K-9

If you are a person that’s wanted because there’s three warrants out for your arrest, it’s not real smart to hide in a trash bin. If you have three warrants on your resume, you are labeled trash from the get go. So, why make it easy for the police? You are a trash human and the first place these good K-9 dogs are gonna look is in the damn trash! Because the person they are looking for is trash. Why does it seem I just wrote the word trash more then a few times? I have nothing against criminals. I’m the last person to judge someone’s character but why are all criminals so damn dumb?

Here’s how you get away from police and slip through your warrants (speaking from no criminal experience)

  1. Do your research
  2. Find a home that is occupied by an elderly person. Not an elderly couple. Just a single elderly person
  3. Make sure that home is at least two stories
  4. Sneak in during the day because their neighbors are most likely at work
  5. Live in their basement for at most a week
  6. Only eat food when they are attending their doctors appointments
  7. Then bounce around to the next place but do your research first before going in blind

FARGO, N.D.A man wanted on three warrants found that even hiding in a Burger King trash bin couldn’t beat a focused K-9’s sharp nose.

Tanner Oye, 23, was arrested by Fargo Police after being found in a dumpster at the fast-food restaurant on 52nd Avenue South, spokeswoman Officer Jessica Schindeldecker said Wednesday, March 7.

 According to the police report:
At 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, Fargo police and Cass County deputies went to a home in Frontier, just south of the Fargo city limits, to execute arrest warrants on Oye for two parole violations and failing to appear in court on a drug possession charge.
As officers tried to make contact, Oye ran from officers on foot, the report said.Law enforcement officers then set up a perimeter and brought in a Fargo police K-9 named Blue to track Oye, Schindeldecker said.Oye was tracked to the Burger King by Blue, and a Fargo officer found Oye in the dumpster, Schindeldecker said.Oye was arrested on the warrants and for refusing to halt, Schindeldecker said.
“We found him. It’s hard to hide from a K-9 with a good nose,” Schindeldecker said.

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