South Dakota State student-newspaper writer roasts Jackrabbits guard David Jenkins Jr.

I never did work at a college newspaper like our beloved Sauce here at Bottled Sports. But I do know that asking questions to student-athletes can be intimidating. Last night after South Dakota State trounced North Dakota State (lol at Sauce’s and Pumba’s former school) 78-57 a college kid asked David Jenkins Jr. this question: “David, you kind of had a weak showing against Western Illinois (on Saturday) what was the difference tonight (Monday) you had lets see 24 points.” Jenkins reaction is priceless and you can hear his teammate Mike Daum say under his breathe “damn, you are getting roasted,” while sipping on some water. You can listen to the clip here it starts at 1:12 and ends at 1:50.

I give credit to this student writer for asking or shall I say phrasing his question like that but he got the answer he was looking for. Some journalists try and scoot around the question they are trying to ask because they know it’s a tough question they just don’t wanna get hated by the player or coach for asking. I give this kid props for coming out and putting Jenkins on blast. Since the games were so trash last night I’ll skip my Ronald Recap Report and this is what you’ll get from me today.

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