Pumba respondes to the Sauce’s blog about the Vikings winning the Super Bowl next season

Well yesterday the Sauce came out and not only declared that Kirk Cousins going to Minnesota was a done deal, but also predicted a Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl victory next year. While I understand that the Sauce is a Vikings fan while I am not, I think he is getting a little carried away. But since he started the subject of Viking predictions, I’m here to give you a few of my own.

The QB Search–The Vikings are absolutely going to make the wrong decision on a QB for next year. Now I’m not saying I know the right answer and I’m not saying that the Vikings organization is stupid, I’m just pointing out that the Vikings have a rich tradition of making mistakes and letting down their fans. If the Vikings sign Cousins, he’ll do his normal thing of having flashes of greatness while having stretches of turnovers. He’ll collect his huge paycheck while the Vikings will be lucky to make the playoffs. If they don’t sign Cousins he’ll probably end up having a great season wherever he ends up while the Vikings with stick with Case Keenum, who will return to earth after a great season, and again Vikings will be lucky to make the playoffs.

2018 Prediction–I think the Vikings have solid team but overall the Packers will win the North behind Aaron Rodgers. Vikings will go 9-7, barely miss the playoffs, and once again leave Vikings fans grumbling and the end of the season.

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