Hey, I’m Ronald Recap and I’m a sports guy not a weather guy

So, my name is Ronald. I’m new to the Bottled Sports staff. Like 12ish hours new. I emailed Zenny and Sauce this morning but didn’t hear anything back. It probably didn’t help that I sent them both an email at like 8 a.m. on a Sunday. Both were probably hung. Later today I found that Sauce was up a like 4 a.m. coming back from Arizona because he is privileged. Yeah, he said he likes me because I challenge him. Even though it was just through emails. I wasn’t afraid to throw shade. I mean his company only has like 150ish total social media followers. I’m sorry Sauce I’ll stop trashing the company I have came to really enjoy. I mean look at what this dude did. One of the videos on Facebook has been booming off throughout the weekend.

But I’m here to introduce myself as Ronald Recap. Both Zenny and Sauce said I could cover basketball to start. Summit League tournament and the NCAA tournament as it’s just like right around the corner. We came up with a new style of recapping sports games. A quick but easy to read way. But they wouldn’t allow me to post my first blog without doing something out of my comfort area. Because they have zero trust in me. So since I live in Minnesota I’ll write about the snow. This son of a bitch weather is something else I tell you. Its March Madness season not the time for a winter wonderland to fall from the sky. Twitter is a wonderful place you know like so many smart people on the platform it’s pretty interesting. This news anchor guy I think that’s what you call them. Like I said I’m no weather person. He tweeted this out around the time I got my account online.

Twitter is supposedly shutting down Twitter accounts if you don’t tweet some combo of how the snow can’t keep a pile of kids home from school or a bunch of baristas home from coffee dude. PEOPLE THE SNOW IS DANGEROUS.

So Sauce, like why don’t you get some blog posts up and get your ass out of the Arizona sun and let me write about sports not the weather. And people, man up or lady up, it is 2018, it’s just snow!


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