While all these newspapers and online media outlets sit on the Kirk Cousins story, I’ll come out and say he will sign with the Minnesota Vikings in the next day. That’s the thing Bottled Sports has over any other outlet in the North Dakota, South Dakota or Minnesota area. We can break news without it actually being broken. And don’t came at me with your, “but if you are first and wrong, you aren’t a legit place to find news.” Listen, I’m breaking the Cousins to Minnesota story right this second. If he comes to Minnesota, you’re welcome. If he goes to the New York Jets, you’re welcome as well. That means the Vikings didn’t just blow $30 mil a year on an average quarterback that is pretty healthy. But he isn’t going to New York because why go to a team that was 5-11 last season? If you are an NFL quarterback you are chasing rings not money at least that what Cousins has in mind.

So, again Kirk Cousins to Minnesota is all but done. He isn’t going to New York because they haven’t been to the playoffs since 2010. He is going to be a Viking and Vikings will be in Super Bowl 53. 2018-19 Vikings record prediction: 12-4 /// Super Bowl 53 winner: YES

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