Drunk Minot Woman Ordered To Write Apology Letter By A Judge… No, Really

You ever hear a story of someone getting drunk and going into the wrong house? If you haven’t, hear you go. A 38-year-old Minot woman, Brandy Semm, got hammered drunk and started making decisions that she’ll regret for a long time. Her legal fees and punishment are what you would expect for the most part. Except it goes full North Dakota and I love it. Now look into the camera and say “I’m white trash and I’m in trouble.”

The judge ordered her to the following typical punishments on her court date.

  • 20 hours community service
  • chemical dependency evaluations
  • no contact with the victims
  • pay $325 in court costs

In addition to all those lovely new developments she has one more punishment. She must write a letter of apology as the coup de grâce of her drunken night out. If that isn’t as North Dakota as it gets, I don’t know what is. Maybe I’m overreacting. I’ve never in my life heard of a judge ordering an adult to write an apology letter for getting drunk and acting a fool.

Recap of her night:

  1. She went into a house that she did not have any legal rights to and was promptly removed with the assistance of a hand cannon.
  2. She attempted to go into a second venue but was unable to gain access.
  3. She was so drunk and out of control the individuals at the second venue locked themselves into the bathroom.
  4. Likely had a headache from hell the following morning.
  5. Was ordered by a judge to write an apology for being drunk and stupid.

Never change, North Dakota.

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