It’s March, So North Dakota Better Get One Last Goddamn Winter Storm Under Its Belt

Every year this happens. We get through what we believe is the worst part of winter in North Dakota. A single night of snowfall in the double digits? Sure. Gusts of wind up to 35 miles per hour after snowfall? You bet. A drop in temperature from 4 degrees to 25 below zero in twelve hours? Bet the house on it.

Then we get into February. We get through the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, and are starting to see promos for the NCAA basketball tournaments. You’re certain that the harsh days of winter are behind us for a good 7 months. Then the reality of living in this state sets in and we get the reports we’re getting tonight. 

“Precipitation, including snow and freezing rain, is likely to impact North Dakota beginning late Saturday night, possibly lingering through Monday night.” – Jack Dura / Bismarck Tribune

Even the ever famous Frankie MacDonald from YouTube is in on the warning and you better not take it lightly.

You would certainly think that’s as bad as it’s going to get. North Dakota says, “Hold my beer” to you, you filthy casual.

“We’re looking at a mix of snow, freezing rain and rain on Sunday, and transitioning to probably more snow on Sunday night,” Vining said. “That Red River Valley will probably be a mix of rain and snow, and by Monday it’s looking like everything should be snow and probably a little bit of blowing snow.”

So just as you thought it was safe to break out the spring wardrobe, think again. We’re not done just yet so prepare for two things: 1) Drive slower for another week and 2) prepare to see some dumbasses in the ditch because they wanted to drive fast. GAS PEDAL.

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