CHOW Breaks Down The INSANE Ticket Prices To Metallica’s Upcoming Grand Forks Show

Any listeners of Q105.1 Rocks out of Fargo, North Dakota may remember a radio personality, CHOW, from “Afternoons with Gunner and Chow”. Chow has recently moved on from Q105.1 but is still heavily invested in Rock Music and has his own YouTube channel which you should subscribe to right now.

He recently put up a video breaking down how ridiculous their ticket prices are and what we can do about it. Spoiler alert: It’s basically nothing. Metallica has jacked up their ticket prices basically because they can, they offer “enhanced experiences” known as the ‘Hardwired’ Experience, The ‘Whiplash’ Experience, the ‘Unforgiven’ Package, and the now sold out Wherever I May Roam Black Ticket.

You’re basically paying more money to get early access to the show (yawn), some posters and commerative merchandise, and for many ticket buyers you get the CD they released 15 months ago. I’d like to think if you’re willing to shell out top money for a Metallica show you’re more than likely an owner of the CD they released in 2016.

Chow is a big fan of heavy music and like me, a big fan of Metallica. I haven’t bought my tickets yet, but I’ll be sure to be there so maybe Chow and I can share a limited edition Master-of-Puppets-Napster-Enter-Sandman-Hardwire-to-Self-Destruct Budweiser for $14.

So if you’re getting ready to see Metallica this fall, prepare your butts for Metallica to bend you over and have their way with your finances. Also, subscribe to Chow on YouTube and show some support, you heathens.

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