Maui Madness 2018: What You Need To Know About Fargo’s Best March Madness Contest

Maui Madness is a contest put on by a local business owner, Bob Footitt, that is centered around the Men’s NCAA basketball tournament. What you need to know about this unique, one-of-a-kind promotion will be covered in this article.

What is it? How does it work?

The general, bare bones information of this is simple, it’s a drawing for one of the 64 teams in the NCAA tournament. If you are lucky enough to pick the team that listens to Luther Vandross at the end of the tournament with a smile on your face, you’ll win a trip for two all the way to Maui. You and a guest will spend a week in Maui with your hotel and airfare completely paid for.

If you would like to hear Bob explain this contest with Jack Michaels of 740 The Fan please check here.**

The most interesting part of this drawing is you are paired with the first round opponent of the team you draw. For example, if you draw a 16-seed and think your already out of it, think again. You will also be linked to the 1-seed they play in the first round. If that 1-seed wins, you ALSO go to Maui.

To qualify for this drawing you must buy a ticket to the event which takes place on Sunday, March 11th, 201

8 at the Veterans Memorial Arena in West Fargo, North Dakota. When you go to buy your ticket you will register and create an account to qualify for other drawings and be in the system going forward. Last year, a local entertainer and radio talent, Danny “Chow” Virchow made a video to explain the concept of Maui Madness.

The event itself is more than just a drawing to get a team and go home. They create a value in being there live so even if you don’t get a team in the drawing, or you’re not happy with the spot you drew, it’s worth your time to show up. Door prizes, various celebrities, and mingling with like-minded individuals makes this event what it is.

Various items you can win at this year’s Maui Madness: Trip to Maui, trip to Las Vegas, tickets to a Twins game in the legends club, WrestleMania tickets, Men’s/Women’s Final Four tickets, Harley Davidson apparel, as well as entries into local Marathons. 

Last year, before she auditioned for “The Voice”, Bob was able to discover and book Moriah Formica to play at the event. This year, after her stellar performances on The Voice she’s coming back. Moriah returned to Fargo to sing the national athem at an NDSU football game this fall as an active contestant on the popular NBC show.

Pricing, Information, and Prizes

Tickets to enter yourself in the drawing to get into the NCAA tournament pool are $30. With that ticket you’ll gain entry to the event, be entered in all door prize drawings, and have a chance to meet former WWE Superstars Eugene and The Boogeyman, as well as Moriah Formica of NBC’s “The Voice”, Miss South Dakota Stephanie Dinnsmore, Madmanns Illusions, Josh Frank to play the national anthem, as well as an NFL player yet to be named.

An itinerary for the event can be found here as there are events going on Saturday March 10th, and Sunday March 11th. “Eugene” of the WWE will be running a wrestling show on Saturday night for those with VIP tickets or the $30 general admission. Moriah Formica will be giving an acoustic performance at the show and there are opportunities to win WrestleMania tickets.

Maui Madness, March 11th, 2018

This year is the biggest this event has been in terms of prizes, fan interaction with celebrities, and notoriety. I would know, I’m the guy who won the first trip to Hawaii when I, a UNC fan, had to watch the god-forsaken Duke Blue Devils win the National Championship. I wrote about that experience here.

If you are a basketball fan you should attend Maui Madness.

If you are a wrestling fan you should attend Maui Madness.

If you are a rock and roll fan you should attend Maui Madness.

If the thought of hanging out on the beach for a week in Maui intrigues you, you should attend Maui Madness.

Any information you need can be found here and be sure to get your tickets for the Midwest All-Pro wrestling event on Saturday as well as the Maui Madness event on Sunday.

** This post was updated to include the link to an updated interview with Jack Michaels where Bob explains the contest with updated information. (3/4/18)

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