Allegiant puts on a show but they are far from nice

I don’t have any pull on the “complain on Twitter, get special treatment” but writing nothing is doing nothing and I can’t have that. Now my lady friend should be writing this blog because I didn’t experience Allegiant’s poor service to the extend that she did. Allegiant is the airline that I fly on the most. Usually leave Fargo and head to Arizona a few times a year, while using said airline for every flight. The lady friend said that the Allegiant flight attendants were saying that Fargo people and people from North Dakota are the worst. And that’s the dumbest fukn thing I’ve ever heard. There were a fair amount of children on the flight and the flight attendants were being so childish about the situation. Yes, children on planes is fukn horrific. If my iPhone could be on volume 100 it would, I wouldn’t care about my ears. But when you have professional workers complaining and giving the parents the stink eye, its fukn horrific x 1000. Allegiant will get my business in the near future because they are the only flight outta Fargo to Arizona but I don’t support the company. Trash the Fargo/North Dakota people and that’s too much for me.

Clearly, we weren’t the only ones feeling this type of way today.

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