Is this meatball worth 100 bones?

(Not in SD, ND or MN) — As most of us have probably learned by now, virtually every type of food has its own commemorative day. Maybe not so much for fruits and vegetables (where’s the love for the healthy stuff?), but comfort foods from cheeseburgers to pizza to ice cream are celebrated throughout the year. So why not meatballs, spaghetti’s famous protein sidekick?!


You may wish to mark your calendars for ‘National Meatball Day’ on Friday, March 9. Plan a meal with the round, ground meat concoction, or dine out at your favorite Italian restaurant. Or perhaps, if you’re anywhere around New York City, head on over to Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse to dine on a meatball priced at $100.


For one day only (from 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.), the Boston-based restaurant chain’s New York City location will offer a decadent meatball that contains the likes of Wagyu beef, winter truffles, foie gras, and truffle caciocavallo cheese. It will be served with a creamy shallot and champagne sauce, with a glass of 2012 Prunotto Barolo wine.


Those wishing to celebrate National Meatball Day in this greatest of style should make their reservations as soon as possible or at the very latest, 24 hours in advance. If by chance you should miss this event or arrive a day late, a nice consolation would be Davio’s signature American Kobe beef meatballs, a highly-popular dish that costs only $13.

I apologize this isn’t a story in the South Dakota, North Dakota or even Minnesota area. I get that you’d think this $100 meatball would be located at some boujee restaurant in downtown Minneapolis but it’s not. The reason I’m blogging this is because I’m a meatball guy. I’m a meat guy no matter how gay that sounds. But $100 for a meatball? No thanks. I’m out. National Meatball Day is a week from today and if anyone pays more than $15 for a meatball let me know.

Also, if it’s over $15, the explanation to why you bought it and then consumed it better start with, “It was an award winning piece of meat.” Even that doesn’t seem to justify the price.

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