BREAKING: Vikings want Kirk Cousins

SOURCE — In the wake of Monday’s news that impending free agent Case Keenum is unlikely to draw the franchise tag in Minnesota, attention immediately turned to Kirk Cousins.


Appearing on Monday’s edition of Up to the Minute Live, NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo emphasized the NFC North champions’ unequivocal intention to pursue the top prize on Around The NFL’s list of the Top 101 free agents.


“The Minnesota Vikings are going to be players for Kirk Cousins,” Garafolo explained. “I have been told that by numerous sources the whole way. I’m not saying they’re going to land him. I do believe that they have a great pitch to make to him as far as look at our defense, look at our targets, look at everything we’ve got. You can come in here and compete right away.

Was it gonna be Case? Was Teddy gonna take back the reins? Would an outsider step into the role? No one knew who the Vikings quarterback was going to be for next season since the end of this season. But now there’s some chatter that Kirk Cousins might be the new Minnesota Miracle. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it. I think Keenum’s breakout year was a one time thing. I don’t believe Teddy is ready to play just yet. And I think Cousin’s has talent, talent that could produce wins for Minnesota but is he worth fukn $30 mil? Nope. Hell I wouldn’t pay him $20 mil. Even thought that’s what Keenum is gonna get paid.

The Vikings need more than a quarterback. They need offensive linemen. A quarterback ain’t worth shit if there’s no one to protect him. Ask Sammy Bradford. If the Vikings give U.S. Bank to Cousins it’ll be the worst decision in franchise history. Are the Vikings on some white quarterback binge now or what? Save the money, put it towards other needs and roll with Teddy and have Kyle Sloter back him up and go sign a veteran guy. I wish it was that easy.

Cousins is just average. The best part about him is his off the field play. He ain’t gonna get arrested but he is gonna stay healthy. He’s started 16 games the last three years. He’s also thrown 29, 25 and 27 touchdowns in each of those years. But who the hell cares about stats? No matter what the Vikings do they are gonna get shit for it. They won’t win this one.



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