Did the Sauce just give fuel to Southwest Minnesota State to win the NSIC Championship?

When you go to war on Twitter against an athlete, you’re not just going to war with that player. You’re going to war against the school, the team and the fans. On Wednesday, I tweeted out my NSIC brackets. I picked Augustana to win it all for the men and I had them defeating SMSU in the quarterfinal round. Picking Augustana wasn’t a terrible decision considering they’ve been to the tourney for the last four years.

Augustana ends up dropping one to SMSU on Saturday then a day later a kid that plays for SMSU who I went to high school with decided to chirp me a bit cuz he was feeling himself after the win.

I don’t blame Kolin. He’s throwing it back in the doubters faces. I’m not a hater and I’m not a doubter, I just liked Augustana to win that game and they didn’t… oh well. Me being me, I couldn’t let this go. I needed to responded. I had to back up my choice.

I thought it was a clever tweet. Kolin played just six minutes and had two rebounds and a foul. Nothing super special. He did his part. But the hits kept coming because Kolin’s teammates have to back him up and they did. Sort of.

Carter Kirk finished the game with his 16th double double of the year and became the all-time SMSU leader in rebounds. His game was greatness. I support all the athletes and all the future athletes that will graduated from my high school. I didn’t play college sports and I fuk with the people that do. I think its one of the hardest things to do but I also don’t feel sorry for anyone of them because they are the ones that wanted to play no else did besides their coaches.

Also, when SMSU does win the NSIC crown I expect to be drown in thank you’s from Kolin and the SMSU fans and coaches and supporters because I did in fact fuel their road to victory with one single tweet.

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