Is it ironic that Jimmy Butler challenge Lou Williams for $100k and then got injured?

I’m a Jimmy Butler guy. But now I’m upset. He’s all talk talk talk and then doesn’t play in the NBA All-Star game and then he decides to be a fool and tries to challenge Lou Williams for $100k. Straight up one on one.

Jimmy, you are in the heat of the NBA season. Focus on getting the No. 3-seed in the West. Instead, the night of challenging Williams, Butler fukn grabs his knee last night against the Houston Rockets and his dreams of thrashing Lou for six-digits and helping the Wolves get a top-3 seed may be in question. I mean this cannot be more ironic. Doesn’t play in All-Star game. Gets called out. Then challenges the man that called him out. And in the end gets hurt. Luck is not on his side and this just proves if Butler would’ve just played in that stupid ass worthless All-Star game he wouldn’t be hurt right now.

Also, after the Minnesota Miracle I thought this might be a solid sports season for Minnesota. Vikings get throttled. The Wild are the Wild and the Wolves are having injury problems. Bless up, Jimmy.

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