South Dakota State vs. South Dakota should play every game against each other in the Summit League Tournament for the title

Last night’s game against South Dakota State and South Dakota for the Summit League regular season title was fabulous. I love basketball games where a senior that doesn’t play a whole helluva lot turns into the unsung hero. That’s exactly what Jackrabbits guard Lane Severyn did.

Severyn battled through some pain and scored a career-high 14 points in SDSU’s 76-72 over the Coyotes at home. South Dakota fuked themselves by trailing by 10 points at halftime. It’s hard to climb back into a game against a good team especially when the Coyotes were playing inside a packed Frost Arena. I did hear that the drive from Sioux Falls to Brookings was anything but pleasing.

The Coyotes did make a comeback in the second half as they outscored SDSU 42-36 and holy fuk did it get exciting. I’m neither a Coyote or Jackrabbit fan but it was kind of sad to see SDSU struggle throughout the second half. Matt Mooney is fukn man and might be on the same level as Mikey Daum. The Coyotes were so close. They had the damn lead but there was too much time left.

But it was David Jenkins who heated up late in the second half and finished with 18 points as Bottled Sports’ boy, Big Daddy Daum had 20 points and 12 rebounds in 35 minutes of play.

The best part about the Jackrabbits win is that head coach TJ Otzelberger tweets to his fake fans. If you check out his Twitter report you’ll notice that more than half of his Twitter followers are fake. Crazy to think some people think (that’s a wild first few words) that in order for him to even be considered for the SDSU head coaching job a few years ago he had to beef up his social media game to show people that he was in fact relevant.

One thing is for certain, these two teams are miles above the rest of the league and I wouldn’t be disappointed or left funless if SDSU and USD played in every game at the Summit League tournament. Just fill both these teams in each spot on the bracket because one game championship game will not decide who is better. I mean the rivalry is insanely fun to watch.

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