University of North Dakota president Mark Kennedy is soon to be a dead man and fuk those ugly ass glasses

This skinny ass rat fuk of a guy can go to hell. Last night Jocelyn Lamoureux had one badass game-winning goal for Team USA as they slid past Canada by her sudden death shootout goal. Jocelyn’s twin sister, Monique Lamoureux scored the game-tying goal late in the third period that sent the game into overtime. Jocelyn and Monique are both from Grand Forks, N.D. The two sisters used to play for the UND’s women’s hockey club after transferring from the University of Minnesota in 2009. They both had stellar careers for the team up north but then in March 2017 rolled around. The Lamoureux sisters had been outta UND for a little while and were skating in a few Olympics. The day was the 29th. March 29, 2017. That fukn bastard up at UND that they call “university president” decided that to meet a mandated $1.3M reduction in the athletics department that cutting women’s hockey needed to be done. And so it was. The state, the city damn near rioted. People were upset and rightfully so. The best thing that could happen to UND fans is watching their beloved Lameroux twins win gold and shove it right in the fukn face of that rat cat bastard.

The best part about it? Kennedy’s phone has stopped buzzing all night/morning and may never stop because he is getting hammered in his Twitter mentions.

Here are some of my favorites:

Actually funny story, Kennedy is trying to get a job at the University of Central Florida. No university has hockey in Florida, right?

#NotMyPresident would work here as well. Love that hashtag.

Not so clever tweet but the shots keep coming.


Ross, have a motherfukn night, bud. Dude is killing the Twitter game.

This would never happen in a million years, right?

I’ll leave with a banger tweet.

Also, the saddest part about this isn’t that UND cut its women’s hockey program its that Kennedy didn’t even send a tweet out congratulating the twins or TEAM USA. Didn’t even favorite or retweet anything from last night’s festivities. That little fukn piece of trash with his wannabe smart glasses can fuk off. The judgment on this guy is behind nuts.

But good on you Lamoureux twins. Nothing says fuk you like taking TEAM USA on your back and bringing home gold. Good on you.



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