As Of Today, I Still Couldn’t Give Less Of A Shit About Derrick Rose Possibly Coming To The Timberwolves

I’m absolutly ready for these rumors to stop. Derrick Rose to the Wolves does nothing for me. He’s past his prime, a proven headcase in recent memory, and I don’t know that he’s going to be humble enough to take a backseat to KAT, Jimmy Buckets, and Andrew Wiggins.

I also don’t want to see the lineup get shaken up and see Jeff Teague coming off the bench in favor of D-Rose. Is he talented? Sure. Does his talent exceed his problems? I don’t think they do at this point. If they can sign him for next to nothing and get him to buy into the team concept then maybe he can work.

I don’t see the point in doing it right now. The Wolves have enough issues to work out without ¬†an injury-prone headcase who was really good five years ago added to it. As much as I would LOVE to see something like this…

Add KAT and Andrew Wiggins on that fastbreak and we’d have a real threat if D-Rose still has that ability in him. My worry is that we’re going to see something more like this…

I was a big fan of him in his early days in the NBA. He’s been injury prone, isn’t there mentally right now, and I don’t see him sorting it out by the playoffs. Hopefully we’ll see him have a resurrgence similar to a player like Grant Hill. They’re basically mirror images of each other in terms of their talent and untimely injuries. Hill turned it around late in his career and had some nice years before he retired.

It’s not the right time D-Rose, nothing personal.


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